Monday, May 26, 2014


Out of the blue Boo dropped this not so little piece of work (2 pages with illustrations) onto my desk. "Mom, these are my fears. Want to see them?"
#1 Ants. This we already knew this one. Boo the brave is afraid of little, tiny ants. Always has been.
#2 Bees. Not too surprising. The day after we installed our beehive a bee got trapped in Boo's hair. It really scared her not being able to see it but hearing and feel it buzzing around.
#3 The dark. #4 Dolls. #5 Bad hair day. Yes, my little tomboy-gym rat is quite specific about her hair. When it is time to fix it for gym I always cringe a little, she is so critical. 
#6 Thumbs down.
I had to ask her to explain. What it boiled down to was disapproval.
#7 Splitting the beam. Seems reasonable considering.

#8 Bad Clothes Day. This one made me laugh.

#9 Going to jail. #10 Braces. #11 Getting in trouble.
Unnumbered is Grammar, lol.
#12 Leaving behind Bunny, a stuffed animal she has had her whole life. She has nightmares about this.
#13 Being hit by a car.
Personally, this would have been my number 1 but...

 As it turns out this was a lot more interesting to see than I first thought it would be. I was surprised to see the multiple expression of her fears of 'getting in trouble' especial jail (what?!). Certainly not a writing project I would have chosen but I think I we should play around with it some more. Perhaps find ways to tackle these fears.


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