Tuesday, May 27, 2014


Sitting behind the desk at the gym I was helping and chatting with a mom from out of town. She was in the city from another state and stopped in to our gym to buy a leo to take back to her daughter who had just been moved up a level. We talked gym mom shop. Somewhere in the conversation I dropped Boo's name. What came next surprised me. "Ooohhh, we saw her compete in California! Small, blond, glasses? We loved her. She is so good!"

[Front desk infestation of gymnasts on break]
I hear this quite often from the "rec mom's", parents of kid in the gym's recreational program. I chalk up her recognizably to the glasses and the funny name. And although she is not the youngest, she is the second smallest optional gymnasts on our team. 

She tends to stand out.

[team levels 6-9 warming on floor 8 am Monday Memorial Day]

For better or worse, the days of her showing off her gym skills outside the gym have faded away. As one of her biggest fans when I see her playing sometimes I can't help but to laugh at the contrast of gym Boo and home Boo. If they only knew what she can do... She is often mistaken as incapable. Again her size and those glasses can lead to faulty impressions. 
I was sick over the weekend and reports of her beating everyone, neighborhood kids, papa, and 14 yr old brother included, in basketball came home along with the news she had "learned to skate". 

 [Boo and her big brother Conner]

Around here we all skate. Some of us better than others...I had always planned on Boo skating too. Pretty early on she announced that "moving heights" was not her thing. In fact, it was the way she rode her bike that helped us to find her blindness early. Originally moving heights included riding horses (conquered), canoes/kayaks (conquered), and skateboards. 

 Conquered :) 
well, the fear anyway, perhaps not the technique. 

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