Monday, May 5, 2014

Boo's Life the game

Not yet available in stores it is Boo's Life the game! 
This is a project I have wanted to do forever! We took the 3 or 4 main areas in Boo's life and created a game around them: gym, stable, and homeschool/farm life. 
With LIFE cards such as:
 "Time for mat moving! Move any one player to GYM to help you"
"Stick the landing but forget to salute the judges go back to GYM and lose next turn"
"Skunk in the chicken coop. Lose your turn to take a shower."
 "Impress your coach with a good answer. Get out of GYM free card."
"Eggs hatch! Go home to help take care of them"
"Finish home school work in under 2 hrs. Roll again"
"Run into vault table. Lose turn sitting on the bench icing your pride"
"Your favorite leo is dirty. Go back 1 space."
"4 night PBS special on cheese making. 
Lose next turn watching it with your family." 
"Surprise Inter Squad at gym. Go to GYM and roll again."
"Meet weekend. Get out of chores at HOME free card"
"Coach D suddenly goes to Reno and cancels practice.
Go to STABLE for a day of riding." 
 Absolutely a blast!


  1. That is absolutely brilliant!!

  2. Thank you. We had so much fun!!! It was easier to make than I thought it would be. We are already planning to make another one just about farm life.