Sunday, May 11, 2014

a day of amusement

 Our local amusement park offers preseason deals on season passports. Last year most of our close friends had them. We went one time and Boo had so much fun I made my mind to aside the money and purchase her (& me) a season passport for this summer. Lucky for us Boo's big sister wanted in on the fun so the 3 of us drove through the rain to spend a beautiful Utah spring day riding the rides together.   
I get a big kick out of seeing my 2 girls together. They are 13 years apart in age and have different dads but they look so much alike!!! I have a bad mom habit of calling Boo by her sisters name whenever her sister is around. By the end of the day I gave up fighting it and just called her "other Alex".   
 I rode way more rides than I planned on riding. Alex is a bad influence on her old mother. We even rode the train to see the animals. Boo was in heaven! That funny pic (above) is the 3 of us packed into the Jet Star, a bobsled style roller coaster.
 When we needed a break we headed for Pioneer Village for ice cream. I paid for 3 single scoop ice cream cones. Only after we left the ice cream parlor we noticed the boy behind the counter double scoop Alex's cone for her. I think Boo was a little surprise to find herself not the "cute" one getting freebies.
  It took a lot of work for me to talk Boo into riding the log flume ride. I told her she would not get wet...
I was almost right and she loved it. There was absolutely zero line so we stayed on and rode it around a few more times. 
Before the end of the day Boo's buddy Sophie showed up. 
We briefly freed her from her family and younger siblings to ride some BIG rides- like the white roller coaster!!! 
And this blue spinning upside down thing that neither myself or Alex would go on with Boo. Before Sophie came Boo had gotten in line alone then right before getting on she hopped the fence saying, "I think I will wait for Sophie." Good Idea!
  After the girls hit all the big rides they wanted we hooked back up with Sophie's family. Boo and I gave the Sophie Family a chance to ride a big ride together. Pepper was fine sitting out but Baby B was most angry about it.
 And the consolatory ride on the Tilt-A-Whirl with Sarah, Boo, and Sophie was not the fix to Baby B's madness.
 It was the perfect way to spend Mother's Day Weekend. 
Happy Mom's Day!

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