Tuesday, April 15, 2014

westward expansion

(part I of our fabulous day)

Since history managed to sneak its way back into our school days it has been going so well with my little history hater I decided to offer a big project for spring: U.S westward expansion. Surprisingly, Boo jumped right on board. Now like most home schoolers we have done other units on westward expansion. This time I am using History Pockets Moving West, it retails new for $15.99 I managed to turn up a free copy in donated materials at our local habit for humanity store.

Using a few extra maps/puzzles and reference books we covered the 9 major western expansions. Tomorrow we will start building our timeline. We also ordered a few DVD's from the library on daily pioneer life and life on the Oregon Trail.   

Looks like Boo is right on top of it so to speak :) 

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