Monday, April 7, 2014

something different

Last week we had some challenges to home schooling. One of the two main school districts feeding Boo's gym was out on spring break (the other goes out next week) which changed the gym schedule. Closer to home Boo's step brother was suspended from school with explosion pending.  Because their papa was out of town working the problem of what to do with a 14 yr old who can't seem to stay out of trouble fell to me. 

 Feeling like we haven't schooled forever I really wanted to jump right back in but when I went to start this morning I noticed how disorganized the long week had left us. So I decided to kill 3 birds with one stone: get organize, declutter/spring clean, and do school work.

We first wrote out an action plan with the clear rules for evaluating each item we came across. Our goal to remove all items we don't use &/or love. We started with the bookshelves & files sorting books and papers. While we were deciding which to keep and which to donate we also created our spring and summer reading list pile. As we came across worksheets we did them. We did a whole packet on fractions, 4 crossword puzzles, 2 math sheets on directions, and a set of story problems. We played UNO, Boo read me 3 short books, and we watched 2 science DVD's.    

I think we might spend all week schooling this way. It is a perfect time of year to uncover forgotten materials and free ourselves of things that just don't work for us. Plus it's a tons of fun and we are getting so much done! 

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