Thursday, April 10, 2014

seeing the zoo

Going to the zoo or the museum or aquamarine when they are crowded has been a big challenge for Boo.  She has a hard time navigating crowds and an even harder time seeing the exhibits.  Today we took a different approach than we have in the past; rather than shy away we embraced the challenge head on.      
 She did really well.  There were a few collisions but she didn't let them upset her.  One kid told her to 'watch out' after she walked into him as he ran pass her on her bad side.   She just laughed saying 'school kids are so random.' 
There was the occasional mom who looked at her and decided she is too old to stand that close to the glass and push their little ones in front of her.  Mostly though Boo with her hand sewn stuffed frog and gentle manners gained smiles.  Even a few 'thank you's' from moms after helping them out in someway- picking up something they dropped, redirecting a crying toddler, or giving a small kid a good spot to stand, etc.  She is a pretty good kid :)              
  Being at the zoo before nap time meant it was evenly packed with toddlers and school field trips.  What I found interesting was how much Boo (yes, amazing gymnast Boo) moves like a toddler.  She uses her fingers to see things.  She steps carefully but slightly off balance over uneven surfaces. 

 It was a beautiful spring day at the zoo.  
A beautiful day to be part of the crowd.  
 (and to bring home a stuffed animal sloth named Bob) 

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