Wednesday, April 23, 2014

raising the bar

This is Boo when she popped into see her mom in the ProShop for a little clean-up on aisle 6. She says she has no idea when or how it happened. Turns out she bled all over the beam too but it wasn't noticed until the next team took the rotation. Luckily it was coach K who mopped it up.When I told her it was from Boo she said, "That kid nearly gave me a heart attack. I saw her standing on beam then I turned away and when I looked back she threw a back tuck. It scared me to death."  
Big coach D said, "A level 6 doing a back tuck [on high beam]. Impressive, very impressive." It's nice to hear her praised for her hard work but as a mom I think I more enjoy seeing the support given to her that got her up to the high beam. Thanks coach Wendy and teamie Gabby (and the moms from the mom bench).

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