Friday, April 18, 2014

home school life and mixed media for moving west

After overhearing I home school a young parent sitting next to me on the bench at gym asked how I got my child to take me seriously enough to learn from me. He explained that he thought his kids would ignore him. It is actually a far better question than I first thought it was. In fact the answer should probably be the lead in line of explaining our life as home educators.

Home education does not start or stop on some specific date and time. For us, it has less to do with the amount of time Boo and I spend in the books than it does about what we do with the rest of our time. It is a parenting and a life style that grows and changes with a family. We have built a relationship and a culture with our children set up to offer learning as part of our daily experiences. Learning is something she expects to do.     

We all know kids learn from their parents. 'Education' is not any different from teaching them anything else. And like many of the parents we surround ourselves with  (schooled or not schooled) we make an effort to learn with our children. 

A specific example is westward expansion. Right after we started we had a short list of DVD's ready to pick up at the library. Most of them will be viewed and discussed as a family. Her studies become ours too. As for being taken seriously that might never happen but getting her to learn with me is the easy part.                    

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