Tuesday, February 11, 2014

where is school?

In all honesty sometimes home school is like this: 
A whole day of school time devoted to a puzzle.  That would be 4 episodes of This American Life, 3 snack breaks, and lots of coffee for me and hot chocolate for her.
Yep, that was Monday.

Today started with history and a big sigh from the history hater until she began to watch American Experience: Annie Oakley, saying "I like history when women do things..."  Not poetic but you get the idea she needs to relate to history to take it in.

From there she began to create a secret code for gymnastics.  Followed by reading, her to me, then me to her.   

Math, geography, a little art, and back to drawing secret codes on an old piece of poster board she found somewhere. There might be a walk thrown in after lunch and perhaps more reading; surely more reading.  I'm sure we will squeeze in a card game or two. The day will end where it usually does, at the gym.  We will not be winning awards of excellence in education today. We have not pushed ourselves or discovered something explosively exciting to share. 

Instead we are having a sweet & simple, rather nice day. 

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