Tuesday, February 18, 2014

welcome to the stable life

 One day she was pining away for a horse of her own and the next day she was being given a crash course in stable life and of course a horse to care for to go with it.  
Becky and Allen, the horse's real owners were so wonderful taking the time to teach her what she needed to know. I was glad Boo's papa came along- it was a lot of information all at once.
 The indoor arena is huge and the stables easy to navigate.  We met a few very nice people but for the most part we had the whole place to ourselves. 
 Latte was curious but not fearful.  After she got a good look around Boo saddled up for her riding lesson.

 I know this photo isn't perfect but there is something very genuine about it.
 Heading for the round pen.

 Hello sweet Latte.
 After making sure everything was put away in the right spots & a good brushing for Latte it was time to put her in her stall for dinner and to make sure she was settled nicely with her stable mates.
All went smoothly the neighboring horse seem very sweet.  
 For Boo there was a quick dinner in the car as we headed for the gym.  I have to add how sweet her teammates were when she showed up late (we knew ahead of time we would late) right at break time.  Excited for Boo they swarmed her with a million questions. Boo managed to slip away to go warm-up leaving me with a flock of girls swooning over the wonder & a magic of a girl and a horse.  
It is a sweet life :)! 


  1. Can't wait to follow along on Boo's horse adventure!

  2. Wonderful! I had a horse during the summers, as a girl. Such amazing animals.