Monday, February 17, 2014

the next great stage for a free heart

Boo's papa and I stared at each other smiling despite trying to be serious and thoughtful.  We had a good hour before Boo came home to talk about what was going on.  
Here is some context: It is the middle of gymnastics meet season Boo has a meet this Saturday in Park City, Utah and next Saturday in Santa Clara, California (14 hr drive including passing through the Sierra Nevada Mt range).  
Her papa has picked up a dream job designing and building a straw bale house.  Only catch is it is in Moab, Utah a 4 hr drive from SLC.  
Planting season is right around the corner (yeah!).  
There is also Boo's half brother who is giving all the adults in his life a good testing. Recently his poor behavior won him a permanent banishment from the school bus. Since his school is not in walking distance he was sentenced to ride his bike which he promptly left unlocked (despite parental warnings) overnight and it was stolen.  
I have been staying pretty busy myself with writing on a regular basis for the community paper and working any shift open at the gym Pro Shop. And suddenly this not so small miracle pops up.

The horse Boo has been riding (If you missed the story: FIRST AND SECOND CHANCES) is being moved TODAY to a stable very near our house offering her unlimited access to the horse.  Latte is a rescue horse that needs some rehabilitation and extra care to build strength.  It looks like Boo is a big part of that equation. There is more too, more chances to possibly ride in bigger ways but that all comes a little father down the road...

When Boo was filled in on the new situation she grabbed a whiteboard marker and begin creating a calendar, "I need to figure out how to get all my schoolwork done and take care of Latte."  (Thank goodness for fictional work ethic of Alec in the Black Stallion!) The first thing scribbled down was gym 3:30 it went across the days of the week Mon-Thur on Friday she wrote gym 1:00.  "Okay, what comes next..." >well, actually bedtime does, it was 10 pm!<

What comes next is one day at a time.  "This is what happens when you home school." I said to her papa as we pictured the trips between the stables, the library, and the gym. Kids allowed to follow their passions will hunt them down with a persistence unmatched. 

And talk about persistence! Boo and I won a little money on the super bowl (don't ask, she has never even seen a football game before).  We split the cash and I let Boo spend hers on horse brushes and a hoof pick.  At the time it seemed crazy since we don't have a horse (and she hadn't ridden in months) but she was so set on having her own curry comb I didn't have the heart to tell her no and that the money should be spent on something useful.  

Somehow, I'm pretty sure through good Karma & kindness this kid has acquired all she needs to ride including a whole horse!
The good news doesn't quite stop there, in the gym Boo's dedication, good attitude, and work ethic has managed to catch the eye of a benefactor willing to pitch in a little towards her monthly tuition.   

I've said it before and I will say it again, we didn't choose to home school with the plan to breed a super star athlete of any kind or flavor. We had nothing in mind but to let her learn and live her life unburdened from the rules of an institution that didn't work for her. We decided to home school so the opportunities, whatever they might be, could be taken.  

The day we decided to leave school we were walking home down 10th West.  I asked her, "Would it break your heart to stop going to school?"  And she said, "No, it would set my heart free."

And it certainty has done that.  



  1. So excited for you and your family!

    (by the way, if Boo wants a pen pal who only ever really writes about horses, let me know!)

  2. That is so awesome!! Really happy for you, what a great chance for Boo! I love that she spent her money on grooming kit before she even had the chance of a horse, Hannah has done just the same thing - she even has a head collar and lead rein ready :-)