Thursday, February 20, 2014

simply Thursday

Although my intent was to go early to the stables I let Boo sleep in.  The toe is good even after practicing a full practice minus hard tumbling and vault.  The threat of infection less of a concern.  

After crepes rolled in jelly we headed to the stables with the plan that Boo would ride today possible bareback because of her toe.  Latte however was a bit spooky, there was a lot going on in the indoor arena.  There were only two other people there but they had some of the most beautiful horse I have ever seen out running and I mean RUNNING.  Their people were standing in the center of the riding area cracking whips to keep them going.  

Poor Latte did not like all the fastness and each time the whip cracked she reacted with fear.  Boo turned her out into the round pen and after awhile she calmly slipped Latte out of the indoor arena over to a turnout behind the stables that is often forgotten about.  

Boo was great with staying strong and steady.  Eventually we returned to the indoor arena. We were introduced to the horses (Tennessee Walkers) and their people, all of them were very sweet & friendly.  Then Latte and Boo settled down to get a nice little workout done together.

We were home by lunch for school work. Out in the greenhouse of course it is far too nice of a day to be shut up in the house. 

After doing a bit of reading to herself & writing Boo thinned the lettuce and spinach rows and cleaned the fish pond while I read to her.

And yes, it is that time again...time for gym :)

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  1. Black Cloud is a great book! Is Boo enjoying the series?

    Glad to hear Boo's toe is doing well, and thanks for sharing your morning at the barn with us!