Sunday, February 2, 2014

Results from the Rocky Mt Meet, host gym GTC

 Well....pretty much all you get is pic's of march-in and some video links.  
I can explain.  For starters Vault was too far away. You will have to trust me, she did great (8.9). 

For bars you will need to follow this link Boo on Bars to see it for yourself.  I will say her bars were beautiful but the 2 re-entry attempts cute as they were, were expensive score wise. So costly (7.9) I, her very supportive mother, decided despite watching a fantastic beam routine w/the famous round-off back tuck dismount (9.350/2nd: the video clip includes a huge mom gasp on the dismount, I thought she was going to hit her head) and a super strong floor exercise (9.225/4th: video clip includes her papa giggling like a girl at Boo's perfectly placed shoulder roll baby doll smile to the judge's table) that Boo still wasn't going to place (AA 35.375) and sent Boo's fans home before awards.  Then, so sure of herself, her mother went ahead and skipped the watching awards to go behind the scenes to help with presenting which is why there are no photos of Boo 'medal-ing' in all events minus bars. Epic mom fail, don't worry the good parents from our gym instantly started teasing me.

A thumbnail from her beam routine, nice!
 Special shout out to Sophie who took 1st in the All Around for her age division!!!! Go Soph!!! The 6's took home the 2nd place team trophy missing first by a few tenths and so did the 7's. Our XP's girls took 1st.  And so did our 8's (in the session that followed).  Great job GTC!!!!!!!!!! 

Don't worry about Boo and those bars.  Her coaches are actually very pleased that she didn't hold back, something she had been doing.  Her fear of going over was conquered now all she needs to do is learn how to get back on if it happens again.

 The 7's utilizing the skills they gained this week in the gym: bat attack awareness stance.

After the meet Boo was handed off to her Papa who handed her off to a birthday party at a skate/bounce center. I stayed behind to help with the last session of the meet.  When that was done we packed up all that equipment and loaded it back into the never semi truck. 
Until we meet again.

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