Tuesday, February 25, 2014

our day

Morning of school work

Checking in on the greenhouse greens.  
It is the start of the growing season.
 Getting ready for a riding lesson.

 Boo and Latte 
 Becky, Latte, and Boo. 
It was a great day for Boo.  She rode Latte with just a bareback pad and got her to a canter.  Boo's nickname around stables is now Velcro-Butt <3  Most common comment heard: "Look at her balance! She is so adorable."
Boo on Treasure
Boo, Treasure, and Heather (Treasure's owner).  
Heather fell in love with the way Boo looks & behaves in the saddle.  So much so she wanted to see Boo on her horse... that would be the chance to ride on a bigger scale opening up.

Horse Soccer?!?! 

 The in-flight meal for the stables to gym express: 
green jello-o, pb&j, & a carrot. 

What a great day! Thanks Becky! 

1 comment:

  1. Love the new nickname! We may have found another place to ride, so we are pretty excited. If only the weather would cooperate. Riding in -1 degrees is not an option.

    Anyway, great job on the riding Boo and that is totally cool that you got to try out Equine Soccer. Made me think of this website we found a while back. http://www.horseloversmath.com/new-equine-soccer-league/

    I have tried to convince my kiddo that gymnastics would help her with her horseback riding, but she has not interest in gymnastics. No biggie, there are not a lot of options for that in our area either.

    Have a great day at the gym!