Thursday, February 13, 2014

garden plans, a windy walk, and words on Wednesday

Boo's papa is designing and building a straw bale house in Southern Utah.  We thought it was a good opportunity for her to learn a little more about architecture and design.  So yesterday I handed her over to him and together they measured and drew up a plot of our garden area.  They worked on perimeter and scale. 
Over the next week we will work on researching and planning for our planting season which can get a bit crazy around here.  Even with a greenhouse the whole place seems to become one giant nursery.    
After a bit of math our little Wednesday Boo joined us for a windy winter walk.  The girls were looking for signs of spring and small treasures.  I think we all have a touch of cabin fever around here.
That little Boo might be in a tiny skirt and a pink coat but she is a hardy one.  I had quite a time talking her into going home for hot chocolate when the rain started to fall.  I think she would have stayed out there forever!  
I promised her we would turn her Wednesday time with us into wildlife Wednesdays.  My Boo has been asking for more nature time too. They make a good pair. 

 Back at home the girls settled down for some word play.  Big Boo would make words for little Boo to find. Then they started spelling all sorts of things for each other. Having 2 boggle games really paid off! 

 After Little Boo went off to school we had lunch and watched a documentary on the magnificent 7, read, and of course headed for gym.
Pretty dang close to a perfect day~

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  1. Sounds lovely! My Hannah loves being out in nature as well :-)