Tuesday, February 18, 2014

and our afternoon, art with Sarah

 The technical part of what is going on here is my friend Sarah, the artist & ninja Sophie's mom, is teaching art.  She is using a light projector to project an image onto a canvas.  Then you "forget your head" which means with a pencil you sketch the shapes you see and don't think worry about the big picture.   
 The lesson however isn't about art at all.  It is about being brave.  About taking chances.  
Sarah noticed Boo's reluctance to use paint on her drawing.  Sarah knew instantly what the issue was: it had turned out so well already Boo was afraid of ruining it. She sat Boo down showing her the finest brushes and talked her through what happens if you make a mistake... you fix it and move on.
 No scores.  No judges. No one right way to get it done.


(My Art Shirt)
 ~Baby B up from his nap~

 Boo and Sophie happily working away.

 What a beautiful way to spend the afternoon.