Sunday, February 23, 2014

and the next thing you know, results from the Winter Classic 2014 Park City Utah

 All meets start with meet hair.  I'm not great at hair we get by sticking with meet hair classics.  Our girls were given orange ribbons to honor a gym dad from another gym who recently passed away from cancer.  We robbed the rainbow loom for matching orange bands and I cobwebbed 2 rows back into a pony.  Easier to get in then out! 
 Boo's meet was in the late afternoon our gym had had 3 levels go before us. We also had friends from other gyms who had competed.  The same story was coming down the mountain: the judging is brutal! At that point you know all the work has been done in the gym that can be done so there is only one thing you can do- maximize cuteness with curls!   
 KT tape and a heel cup
 Fantastic Mr. Fox

 I forget how few of the 6's there really are. Without the older girls from the higher optional levels around them, a team of about 25 girls, they seem so small.  GTC is know for its massively large compulsory teams. When Boo was in level 4 (that would be new level 3) the team was so large it was split in 2 about 20 girls on each side and then within Boo's training group it was split in half again.  You can image how being one of 6 must feel.
We have been hoping for a good perhaps I should say clean meet for Boo.  In the gym she is having a fabulous season but with the whole sick and missing the LV meet, the big double fall at the GTC meet, I was crossing my fingers she could get cut a break...oh yeah that broken toe, not that kind of break!  Speaking of, I had one little favor in my heart *please let floor be last*.  Boo had not fully tumbled on that broken toe and I was hoping that since it was going hurt that it at least be her last event- AND IT WAS! When our team lined up at vault I was so relieved. Standard rotation is then Vault, Uneven Bars, Balance Beam, Floor Exercise.

Vault 9.0

Bars 9.1 

Sorry the clip is bumpy with strange framing. I was so nervous for her I couldn't quite pull the whole camera thing off.  Not to mention bars seemed to be in another zip code so all the parents were crammed into one sweet spot where you could actually see them.

I didn't get her floor. It was wonderful. Part of me wishes I had but I just wanted to relax and watch her bring it home :) She did say that she whacked her toe between leaps on her leap pass which I think I saw.  Overall the toe did fine and so did the kid it belongs to. The only downgrade or modification was on her beam dismount that scary but beautiful round-off was switched out for the hurdle cartwheel.  Everything else was go for broke!  

  She did so well there were a few jokes running around about how she should always have a broken toe and a couple doubters 'no way could she have a broken toe'.  Her coaches are always right  "it's just a toe...she'll do fine."

Meet Results:
 4th place Vault 9.0
 1st Bars 9.1
 1st Beam 9.325
 I love this pic from beam awards.  
Boo said the little girl in 3rd turned to Boo & said, "Good job!" 
 5th Floor 9.025
 2nd in the All Around with a 36.450
 3rd Place GTC Level 6 Team! 
Beautiful job from all the girls. 
Nice boot kid! Good work <3 
 (*this pic is missing one of the teammates)

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