Monday, February 24, 2014

a Monday day

 After a nice slow Sunday our Monday morning began rather early out at the stables with Latte. Poor Boo is a little bit short for the job but she manages.
 Hay, there nay-bor horse. 
 Back home for course work for us.
Geography, History (yes, I did say history), and a little science in the form of Atomic Theory.  With our time being stretched so thin between the stables and gym I thought it best to simply school. For us that means a return to a type of classical education system. Using our set of Usborne Encyclopedias for science, world history, and geography, the MacMillan/McGraw-Hill Math Text Book for math, only keeping our writing and reading free form.  

It may actually increase the work load for Boo which is a good thing- it is also why we don't use it all the time- it has its advantages and disadvantages. The Usborne books have great content & illustrations plus they come with amazing internet links &/or experiments for each lesson.  It takes a lot off my plate as the teacher/mother/taxi driver to not have to scramble to get my lesson plans together.
The system I am referring to is basically a read & respond system, read the text, write or draw a reaction to the information with keywords or short summaries, then follow-up the learning with internet links/games/quizzes.  I try to include other supportive materials, art projects, experiments, books, or movies to keep it fun.  

As for teaching history to a history hater, the first 100 pages are Prehistoric so they are passing for science right now.  I am hoping by the time we hit the Ancient World she will be hooked.  >fingers crossed< 

Tricky Fingers (the game), we picked it up at local thrift shop for .69 cents!!! Big hit around here. 
Roll 'n Multiple another fantastic game that we love.  Our other thrifty find was this Eyewitness Weather tape for .99 cents!  Perfect for watching while taking a tomato soup break. 
As most of our days do end this one will end at gym :) 


  1. It all sounds so perfect - I love it.
    And can I ask what you are using for world history please? I have a world history nut in my house, and I am useless and uninspired about it, so a text recommendation would be great.

    And please tell Boo that her Swiss fan club were SUPER impressed with her results at the weekend meet. Her bar routine was inspirational :-)

    1. Thanks for your support of Boo. She thinks it is so neat that she has international fans.
      I am using the Usborne Encyclopedia of World History (Internet-linked). Often I have used this massive book Prehistoric-The Last 500 years, as a secondary resource but it can most defiantly stand alone as a text book. I LOVE THIS BOOK. I love the whole series. I bought the set a few years back at full price $39.99 (US) each- worth every penny.

  2. Thanks for sharing your resources. I have been thinking about getting The Story of the World on audio, but just haven't taken the plunge.
    We have that tricky fingers game! We got it from Gramma.