Saturday, November 16, 2013

what kids know

Sophie still might occasionally attack her own pieces and Boo still calls them "ponds".  I have heard Boo say, "I feel bad for that pond, he is getting picked on so I won't take him." Sophie asks a hundred times a game how a piece can move. When I asked if they wanted cartoons on they both said sure then Sophie said, "Wait, if the tv is on I will get distracted and that makes me feel bad so let's not."
"Good point."  Boo said. "You need to concentrate because you aren't very good at this and chess is a very complicated game." 
"Yeah-right?" Sophie agreed with her without offense.

I love these kids, but I really like them too!  Now I need to go make up a batch of pancakes and get them (back) to the gym on time! 

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