Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thanksgiving (eve) Dinner

My family does Thanksgiving on the Wednesday night before Thanksgiving. 
 Of course  Boo had gym first...

Team was pretty small but they had a blast! :D  Fun practice to watch, too!  The big coach D was gone for the holiday.  

 We had to pulled Boo an hour early and drove to grandma's house.

It is a holiday tradition that each person writes on a small card what they are thankful for. The cards go in a box and after dinner they are passed out, one per person, they are read and we guess who wrote it.  For something so simple it is so much fun!!!! 

 Aston and Beach the heads of the kids table! 
That is some serious trouble <3

 Guess what Boo was grateful for?
 I am grateful for my coach Wendy~
Happy Thanksgiving! 

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