Wednesday, November 27, 2013

surprise inter-squad meet, AGAIN?!

This little story starts long before Monday night's announcement that there was to be another short notice in practice inter-squad.  It starts months earlier when the then levels (old system naming) where promoted to level 6 then level 6 was renamed level 5 and some the girls were promoted again to new level 6 and some on to level 7.  Boo went 6 despite my concerns of entering the optional program a year earlier than we planned on emotionally and financially.

Since the Fall/Winter schedule came out the level 6's have been training part time with the big optional gymnasts levels 7-10 for half of their 16 hours a week training time and back with the level 5's.

Our schedule gave us two days off during the week the trade off was having an early morning Saturday practice which made camping pretty hard to pull off. Looking ahead to ski season it gave us 2 midweek days days to pick from!!!!
But at the end of last week we were notified starting in December the Saturday practices would be a thing of the past; the level 6's were to join the rest of the optional team during the week on Tuesday nights.

There are a lot of good reasons to do this. There have been some oversights in training time and most meets fall on Saturday leaving the 6's a practice short which is the last thing these guys need right now. Plus the compulsory teams are ready to move levels and having new 5's join a team with these 6's who have been working up all season wouldn't be a good fit. So even though we have a huge conflict with the new weekday night practice schedule (I am in school on Tuesday nights and I have the news room meetings for the paper I write for) we have no choice but to be on board.

The other change was the introduction of the new gym manager and head coach, coach D. Again the positives far out weigh the negatives. BUT it has been a bit bumpy getting used to his style and methods.  He's not super approachable, talks way more than he listens but he knows what he is doing most of the time (lol).

These surprise inter-squads are to help the girls remember to always be training as if they were competing.  Good plan , nice approach, message received! There are some issues, like last inter-squad the 6's tumbling passes had been switch on Wed night leaving a lefty like Boo heading into her leap pass on the wrong leg. The following day in practice it got ironed out for those girls who practice on Thursday which is not the 6's- Boo doesn't come on Thursdays. So going into inter-squad Boo didn't quite know her routine.  But this is what inter-squads are for, right?

This time after an extended tumbling session in Monday's practice Boo was complaining that her knee was hurting.  That was when we got the notice that the 6's were being invited to attend Tuesday night's in practice inter-squad. Overall it was a great night. Boo had a good bar routine, missed the highbar handstand because she was trying to cast straight body (coach D's preference) but for her level one kip cast to handstand is fantastic!  Her beam had some major wobbles but she nailed her back-hand-spring after having to switch the hand she lands with (huge deal). Major victory for the meet. She let every one know she stuck it.

She was suppose to have a mat under her because she had only taken the hand spring back to high beam on Monday night but the coach who approved the mat for the meet knows Boo so well. She knew Boo wouldn't dare ask for it during the meet so if it got conveniently forgotten she would do it without it.

 Boo's bar warm-up 

At beam Boo started complaining again about that knee and sure enough during her floor routine it gave out on her. (I tried uploading the beam and floor routines but blogger keeps giving me an error message. If I can get it work later I will post them too). The knee doesn't seem to be too bad, a little red, some swelling, we iced it, and today in practice she will tape it might even take it easy....    

Boo on bars :) 


  1. Dear Misty,
    Please come visit us.
    I am in total awe of your gymnastics hairstyles.
    My daughter is in total awe of Boo's gymnastics.
    Love Fiona (useless at doing 'gym hair')
    and Emily (quite good at gym)

    1. We would love to visit you! But until then that hair style is pretty simple. I braid a small braid to secure her shorter 'bangs', pull it into a big ponytail, braid the ponytail, and wrap it into a bun. As soon as I can get a floor or beam routine that blogger will load I will post it just for Emily.