Monday, November 25, 2013


Because we spent most of yesterday doing yard work or outside in riding lessons I altered the plan for today: books and chores first then afternoon nature time.  Most likely that will be planting winter lettuces in the green house and playing in the field. 

But from the moment she woke up Boo and I having totally different ideas on what the day should be.  When school should start, what we want to cover, which books to read, what chores to do first, etc.  Not fighting just not on the same page.  I finally told her it looked like it was going to be a long day together. "That sounds fantastic mom, when can we start?"

So our school day (morning) went like this: 
Before we started Boo wrote and illustrated her Christmas list for the 10! time.  I'm not too worried about it. There are only 5 items on it, the fifth being SNOW.
She worked out with me because I refused to do anything else until I got in a workout.
While she cleaned her room I asked her BrainQuest Questions.  
When she couldn't name ANY of the 7 continents we stopped and had for the hundredth time a preschool level geography lesson.  (Sherlock doesn't keep information deemed not important to him apparently it is the same with Boo!)
She read to me while I did the dinner prep for tonight's empanadas and cleaned the kitchen.

We sorted the laundry together. 
Then we played memory.  She always kills me.
After that was over we used the memory squares to review Area, square footage, and perimeter along with Scholastic Explains Math Homework 2nd & 3rd.  I love this series of books for teaching short lesson or reviewing concepts.      

 I read to her while she ate second breakfast.
Then we parted ways so I might get my story edits into the paper before final layout and she could make more horse stalls out of Popsicle sticks.

 Not bad, not perfect but a good honest morning. 

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