Wednesday, November 13, 2013

mom notes on the benefits of living a slower life

Awhile back (middle of September) I wrote a blog post called "what matters most, lessons from a day off." where I offered 4 ideas/lessons I felt I needed to work on. I'll recap basically this is what they boiled down to: 1) Saying 'no' to too many thing because I felt like we needed to prepare to go to gymnastics hours before we needed to. 2) Preserving the ritual of sitting down together for a hot lunch.  3) Recognizing that it is usually the small things that matter the most.  4) Seeing that everyday and any day can have magic in it no matter what is going on.  

It may not be obvious but the one things these all have in common is TIME and my perception of it.  I needed to slow down and quit wasting so much time being in a hurry.

This might surprise those who know we well but the thing I did was cut back on the coffee. Yep, I switched out my lingering third, fourth, fifth...cups of coffee for tea or plain old water.  Almost instantly I found my compulsive need to move on to the next thing and then to the next, had dissipated.  I would venture a guess that someone overly dependent on checking their fancy phone or lap top would gain the same peace I gained from cutting back on my form of being "over-wired".  Without so many distracts and balls bouncing around in my head I became more present.  I even developed patience.  Once I was able to slow down the rest of the changes fell into place.

Since then I have seen a huge benefits in our lives. Even though I am busier than I have been in a long time our days feel free!!!  I say 'yes' more than I say 'no'. Our school work goes smoother, the house is cleaner, almost everything in our daily lives has improved   And all because we slowed down.

How does this work? For me when I slowed down I became more aware of what I was doing therefore I am able to save myself a lot of time by knowing where I put something, what is on the schedule so I don't overbook, what can wait and what is truly pressing, being prepared enough to know how to line errands up efficiently, knowing what it is the pantry before I start baking and cooking, etc.

I think sometimes I forget being the parent at home is a real job.  When I remember to treat it as such I actually enjoy it more, not less.  We have achieved so much we have have been able to add new loves (felting) and obsessions (horses! horses! horses!) into our days. 

Slow down and really enjoy your day!   

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