Saturday, November 9, 2013

gym gym gym

The little level 6's had the big coach D to themselves today at practice because their other coaches were out coaching the compulsory teams in a meet.  They love him and fear him.  And really want to make him proud.   I get the feeling he feels the exact same way about them.  

That is Boo there in the middle with her arms up answering a question.

I love the look he shoots them as he walks away, it is the same look my Attending used to give me as we entered the OR together. 

This is a short version of the basic level 6 bars routine.  There are only a few ways to put the whole thing together at this level, depending on what skills each girl is working.  Omitted for Boo from this particular exercise are the 2 cast to handstands, one on low bar and one on high, that are in the routine she will compete. And if she can get that fly away to actually fly way she could trade the pike for a layout. She spent the rest of the bars rotation working on the form for the fly away in the end it was immensely better- so much so I quit saying in my head,"please don't die." That is always a good sign!


  1. 'Please don't die' - I probably shouldn't admit it, but I say that all the time too. And we are nowhere close to what Boo is doing.

    Her bar routine looked great, and even though i don't know what any of the elements are actually called it looked really 'clean'. Wow.

    When does she start competing Level 6?

    1. Our first meet is Dec 7th but that meet is similar to an inter-squad. The main goal is to see what the judges say about the routines and make sure all our girls are have included the right balance of A,B, and C skills for the season. Our season starts in January. .