Friday, November 15, 2013

getting to the gym on time (surprise meet TODAY!)

While Boo was still day dreaming of horses and her narrow victory against her Papa in chess her mom received a little message about a surprise inter-squad meet scheduled for the very next day during practice…. Alright then put on your GTC leo’s and away you go!

~the making of meet hair and a little horsing around~

I can tell you Boo was pretty shocked! And there was a little stress when but not from Boo, from her buddy Sophie who is spending the majority of the weekend with us.  I think we talked through it.  I promised to pick her up from school a bit early to get her lunch, fix hair, and get the girls to the gym on time. The way I understand it is an inter-squad meet is more like a check-up. The judges are there to help the coaches and the athletes find the areas each needs to work on before the real season begins.

But on the way to gym Beach broke out into tears saying she didn't know her floor routine with the tumbling passes switched, that it took her into her leap pass with the wrong leg... turns out that wasn't just nerves talking, she was right.  As soon as she made that bad leg leap her coach marched out into the middle of her routine dragging Boo to safety while explaining to the judge the mistake. Some of the level 6's especially a lefty like Boo had not had the chance to practice their routines with the changes before being thrown into a 'meet'.  Bit of a major oversight to send a kid into battle without a clear plan (not a happy mom).  On the sidelines her coach quickly ran through the passes and Boo was shoved right back in line to compete a floor routine she was still a little unsure about.  She did fantastic!!! Anther one for the positive side was Boo now knows things can horribly wrong and it doesn't mean the end of the world which was what this meet was mostly about, I think.

 Boo on bars :) Looking good! 

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