Saturday, November 9, 2013


Saturday mornings the parent benches at gym are filled with the parents of toddlers.  They talk of matching bedding, lost shoes, bites of bagels, and naps.  Beyond their tumbling bumbling little ones, with panties peeking out of the bottom of pink dance leotards, are the Little Giants working hard.  4 hours hard- and 4 sets of toddlers with their parents come and go. It makes me incredibly homesick.  I listen to them as they dress to go out into the real world of the weekend. Off to breakfast, to play-dates, story time at the bookstore, errands, to home.  It reminds me of how precious time is.  

How important it is go slow and enjoy all the tiny, seemingly insignificant moments.  

Moments playing wild.

 Out in the farmyard enjoying tomato soup, a pot of popcorn, and roasted marshmallows with the girls. A perfect way to pass a warm November afternoon.

"I love the smell of campfire." Boo says.

I love that we are home and we have the rest of the weekend to ourselves.

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