Sunday, November 24, 2013

back in the saddle

Boo and Latte back together!
 Riding lesson number 2 <3 
 I think this is Boo distracting Becky so Latte can pick Becky's pockets for treats!

 Boo's buddy Tessa join us for the riding lesson.  
She is already a great little rider so they saddled up another horse.
 And they let the girls ride a fast lap together. 
In fact a little faster than anyone planned on.
A very different style of riding than Tessa is used to, she was glad to take a seat on Latte and watch Boo ride Raven.

Boo taking on life in the faster lane...

Becky showing Tess and Boo what the gait of the Paso Fino looks like. 
Paso Corto

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