Friday, November 29, 2013

and Thanksgiving Day at the hot spring

With the formal family dinner over we took the opportunity to squeeze in a day hike down (~2.5 miles) fifth water canyon (~1 hr drive south from of SLC) into Diamond Fork hot springs. The grazing land we cut through on top of the mountain was pretty muddy and sadly to Boo cow-less. The herds already moved to winter grazing. The hiking conditions in the canyon itself were pretty perfect for late November.  

Poor Boo’s gym knees & heels gave her a lot of trouble hiking down (up & out she was fine!).  She didn't whine, she is like a stubborn old man trying to work through it.  I offered threatened to tape her but she keep refusing (yes, a gym mom packs sports tape for hiking).  At one point on the steepest part of the trail we had her Papa pack her, something she really didn't want to do but we were worried she would blow out her knee- then we would be in big trouble so we made her accept the help.  

There are three levels of springs. The top pools are where we headed making our way down stream to the waterfall after soaking and eating our Thanksgiving dinner.  

The top pools are by far the hottest pots & most private.  One of them has visible hydrogen-sulphide gas (H2S) bubbling to the surface in periodic clusters. So much can come up at once that Boo’s Papa was able to light it on fire (bottom of the post).

Thanksgiving dinner: a bag of left over turkey, sting cheese, yogurt, granola bars, fig newtons, and the fixings for turkey sandwiches.
Gym hands in water, nice!
That is Boo's Papa eating his turkey sandwich and showing us girls the signs on the hillside that the large boulder overhead is slowly falling.  Notice he is sitting alone over there...

Down river at the second set of pools, waterfall included.
Poor Little Dog, she is so afraid of water.  She kept getting herself stranded on rock islands.  Old Moses being a standard poodle had no issue joining us right in the water for a soak once we got down to the second pools which were shallower and much cooler but still very nice! 
Because of all the hot pots the river is pretty 'warm' right here and hot vents continually heat the pools making it possible to hangout in the waterfall pools even in the dead of winter. 

On the hike out the kids were fascinated by the ice covered river they just had to test it out.

Way off in the distance is Boo making her final run for the car.

 Boo's hiking boots with about 1/2 lb of mud on each. 

What a beautiful way to spend Thanksgiving Day!

Boo's Papa igniting the H2S gas bubbles coming out of the hot springs.

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