Monday, November 4, 2013

a pain in the foot?!

About three days ago Boo reported she had landed on a stick while barrel jumping in the yard.  
"It is a little cut but it hurts a lot." She reported asking for a bandage. 
"Puncture wounds hurt. " I assured her failing to remember one of the most important lessons I learned in the ER- people make very poor historians.  She might have landed on a stick and I might have been partially correct about a puncture wound but we missed the big red fire truck which emerged a day later in the form of a red swollen lump of infection caused by a deep dark splinter.

Boo is a tough kid, too tough sometimes so the crying and crying and crying is sort of freaking me out.  She didn't cry any of the 4 times she split open her head!  She even took stitches without being numb with the laceration over her eye.  we aren't short on medical knowledge over here either but here we are calling the doctor over this splinter which just won't come out no matter what method we attempt. Poor Boo and on a gym day too!



  1. Oooh, that sounds horrible - hope her foot feels better soon xx

    1. Thank you. What I couldn't get over was how something so small could cause so much trouble and pain. I am happy to say half way through gym that night (foot well taped) Boo reported it was feeling normal again. With no set backs since we are back on our normal happy way :)