Wednesday, November 6, 2013

a new day

I am trying to simplify our school supplies and cut down on the clutter.  I spent three hours yesterday making a donation pile of books we don't need.  I honestly must of sorted 10 lbs of pencils, markers, and crayons!!! I am halfway through the games/puzzles, crafts and art supplies.  Beside the need to thin the shelves it seems about time to apply Boo's developing organizational skills to her school work and introduce her to a binder system.  She can't be organized if I'm not! 

As it turns out yesterday during all that mom organizing and sorting we had our Word Day. A day full of reading, listening to stories, writing, and even a trip to the library.  So instead of a word day Wednesday today we did center learning. I use centers when we have either review work or small one lesson concepts to learn. I always let Boo pick the order.  

We had one cell science center mostly recap on what different cell types do. Two math centers, one was a review sheet on 4th grade addition rules/procedures, the other was 2 pages on time zones. We are a daylight saving state the change was this past Sunday. The other center was a spelling center of 'ai' words which Boo was able to learn the list and pass the test in about 10 minutes.  It is really a warm up for the next list of words which have the 'ai' sound but are spelt differently.   

After centers she went off to do her silent reading, work on her horse sables project, her 'dream home' 3-D art project, and listen to the Beyonders by Brandon Mull (we checked out the book and audio CD! I am a smart mom.)  As for me back to the front lines of the organization battle... send coffee! 

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