Monday, November 4, 2013

a different kind of Monday

With Boo's foot issue, that pesky painful splinter we couldn't get out, we had to change our school day a bit. All our adventures into the outside world had to be done from the comfort of the house.  

It's rather a gloomy day anyway. Boo started with making blankets out of ribbon for her horses while she soaked that foot.

After that we moved upstairs to listen to more than a few stories on The Moth.  Including two from one of Boo's favorite story tellers Micaela Blei  Lego Crimes and War Games.  Worthy of note was Adam Gopnik's story Charlie Ravioli.

Inspired by good stories I pulled out these little books which years earlier I had purchased for her half brother who struggles with writing.  We curled up together, wrote, drew, and laughed.   

After that we turned to her new favorite game RushHour.  Our cute friends gave it to her for her birthday she played it the whole car ride to LV!!!  I keep forgetting to tell them how much she loves it.

AND after soaking that foot one more time in bath of hot water and baking soda Boo was able to pull the major part of the splinter out of her foot skipping the threat of the doctor's office if it wasn't out today!

BIG SIGH, what a day! 

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