Thursday, October 3, 2013

what big sisters are for, a night to the local spook house

 Boo's big sister and her friends took Boo out for a nice Halloween night scare to Nightmare on 13th. One of them works there and got them in for free.  

Big deal for Boo, we even took the night off from gym to let her go.  Funny thing about that we got a call from her ninja buddy demanding to know where Boo had been "She never misses gym!" I guess the note I handed the head coach wasn't enough I should have warned the little giants that Boo was skipping! 

The girls in line

Everyone wants to know how she did and she did fine! Even up this morning with zero complaints about bad dreams or such.  She reports it was scary enough to be fun but not too scary.  And she got to go out with a big gang of 20-somethings after for a 10 PM snack of fries and chicken fingers. 

The dragon outside the door.

A big thanks to all those big kids for taking her with them!  It is nice to know that at least one day our country with be in good hands.

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