Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Tuesday as planned: math and science

After getting our daily basics done we took out one of our favorite math games Money Bags.


We picked it up second hand so instead of play money we use real money- much better if you ask me!

Followed by a few rounds of Roll n' Multiply.

On to science!!! The start of our Anatomy and Physiology unit.
CELLS and the basics of GENETICS and HEREDITY.  

I have never seen someone take to genetics like Boo did.  During my medical education I found genetics quite challenging so I expected her to find it confusing.  Holy cow, was I wrong!  Part way through explaining chromosomes and heredity I had to stop and ask her if I had taught this to her before because her grasp on the concepts was so amazing.  

I might have to add some more complex genetics to our studies.  Hope I can keep up with her! 

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  1. I LOVE genetics. We had a teachable moment a few weeks ago with genetics, and I think our kiddo grasped it fairly well. She isn't showing much more interest in it, but the seed has been planted.

    Have fun with it all!