Saturday, October 12, 2013


I think it is important to know a few things about these two little giants.  Both have nontraditional blended or divorced parents, meaning they both have at least half siblings in the mix and Sophie has two homes- three if you count ours.  Boo is home schooled and Sophie attends an Art Charter School in the city nowhere near either of her parents' homes.  Both attend Gymnastics Training Center 4 days for 4 hours training as level 6 gymnasts.  That makes dinner, Saturday morning cartoons, and other activities either extinct or endangered.  Our family is non religious although my extended family (and I was raised) is extremely LDS (Mormon).  Sophie has been instilled with the belief in God and prays often but does not attend church that I am aware of.  Socioeconomically we live below the poverty line in a neighborhood considered to be low income in a house that is partly under-construction, all the time.  We live simply out of choice and practicality.  I'd presume Sophie's families are a little above that line but both parents refrain from anything resembling spoiling, she has what she needs to get by.  Boo turns 10 tomorrow and Sophie is already 11.   These two kids are a different as they look.  One is innocently light the other richly dark.  One stoic the other a whirl wind of emotion.  One introverted the other seeking outside energies.  Together they are them.  

“What is a normal family?”  Boo asks from the backseat and far left, out of nowhere.
“There is no such thing.” I answer from behind the wheel securely buckled into science land.
“No Misty,” Sophie speaks up, “she means what would they be like?”
They speak for and with each other.
“Well, a normal family has 2.5 children.” silence.  “See what I mean there is no such thing as normal.  Boo remember when we did averages? Often the average wasn’t even a number in the equation.”
I hear Boo whisper “I’ll explain later.”
“No but normal to me means….” Sophie starts then she waits and I say, “Awe, there you go normal to you….”
Sophie, “To me it is a dad who is a Lawyer and the mom stays at home and they have 2 kids and she pregnant.”
“Yes, that would explain the .5.”  I say.
Boo, “The kids would walk home from school and the house would be small like ours but nice.”
Sophie, “With a nice yard.”
Boo, “Nice but no too nice.”
Sophie, “It should be too nice.”
Boo, “The yard should be big not as big as ours and the kids should get treats but not very often or too expensive.”
“Like the gummy bears in Ramona?” I interject.
“Exactly.” She says happily. We both think 'normal like Ramona.'
“They would have a golden retriever and a Siamese cat.” Sophie says.
“And a horse,” Boo says excitedly then remembers, “no, of course not a horse.”
Sophie, “They should do things together.”
Boo, “They would have a family night but not on Sundays since they would go to church every Sunday.”
Sophie agrees, “Yes they would go to church.” and adds, “And they would play and do normal stuff.”
“Yeah normal," Boo says.
Then their voice unite but together they are quieter than alone, “Not like gym.”
“It would be boring.” Sophie says a hint of sadness in her voice.
“Yeah, it would.”  Boo says to the world outside the window.

 I can hear what their hearts are saying. They need a little more normal in their lives. 

As planned I took them to the DollarStore so I could buy cleaning supplies.  I bought them each their own little thing.  We stopped through a fast food drive through as a treat (Boo's Papa is out of town it is a tradition).  On the way Boo complained the place Sophie wanted was too expensive despite it being Boo's favorite fast food joint. I assured Boo it is okay. And we drove over the railroad tracks home. They played in the yard while I baked them cookies blanks for Boo, chocolate chips for Sophie.  Then we all settled down to watch master chief jr. and we all agree they want to take a cooking class.... 

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  1. Great post. It's so hard being a mom, but things like this remind me it's not a piece of cake being a kid either.
    Normal is such a waste of time anyway :0)