Monday, October 28, 2013

nature walk in yellow

As a parent it is easy to doubt yourself.  As a home school parent it is easy to let society doubt yourself for you.  Are we really doing the right thing by her? 

I believe we are.  

Today the school buses had already passed us by when she woke up and toddled up the stairs. A perfect autumn day. A Monday morning with soft clouds creeping across the sky, leaves dancing in the wind, and a Papa with a little bit of time to spare.   

She has everything I would every ask for her to have here in this life with us. 

Learning to skip rocks, dig clams, walking with nature.  We talk about seeds, native and non-native species, ecosystems, and balance.  

Our decision to give ‘natural learning’ (hands on Natural Science Mondays or as Boo calls it our hiking day) its own day was one of the best home schooling decisions we have ever made.  Our outings give her a chance to display and apply her knowledge.  She finds new questions to ask.  She seeks, she solves, she learns, and creates. 

I was thinking of school kids sitting in their desks as I watched my child walking beside her father.  I am so grateful for him, for this chance to be together while she is still so young and full of questions. To give her the world as her classroom.  

This is what our home school life was meant to be.  
This is where doubts don’t stand a chance.     

What a beautiful day to wander with a river. 


  1. What a great day! We had a day like that yesterday while clearing a tree of dead branches. Never expected to discover so much from one tree.

  2. I think your 'school' looks perfect. I would sign up.