Friday, October 18, 2013

memory binder for past school and art work

As part of 'post birthday, post vacation, welcome to fall' cleaning I spent the morning sorting and organizing old school papers, writing, play bills, forest service maps, gymnastic certificates, art work, etc. into a large 3-ring binder.  

I included her sketch book from the last year
which includes most of her poetry too.

I haven't done one for each year, I believe we have about 3 of these memory/year books kicking around now.  Boo has told me how much she loves looking through them.  In this one I tucked her birthday cards into the front cover along with other small pieces then placed it on her bed for her to find when she gets home.

Bio-sphere project

 ...And while I am in her room poking around I might as well put away her summer clothing and pull out our winter wear. 

My favorite a drawing of small pox outbreak in a village 

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