Sunday, October 20, 2013

love through the lens of another mother

 These photos are courtesy of Sarah, my friend and super Sophie's mom, of the girls spending the day over at their house. I thought they were so lovely and simple in beauty I had to share them here.
Despite that my little Boo is quite sick she she had fun as she usually does "being this family"  for awhile where she is one of the older sisters to the collection of younger kids Sarah seems to always round-up   

 Some of the best lessons in life are so ordinary on the outside, magical in the middle, and stay with you forever. 


  1. I felt a twinge of tears at the sight of this last photo. Because it makes me feel like we are doing it, and everyone will be okay. I don't even know exactly what "it" is, but I can see it here.

    1. The "it" is giving them some "normal". I once said to the man sitting beside me on the group W bench that I am a sell out for being too domestic & settled, implying it made me less of a real woman. less of myself. He responded so strongly, the desperation to correct me so thick I couldn't help but to feel his truth "being a good mom who bakes cookies and flips pancakes is GOOD! What you are doing is EVERYTHING. Nothing is more than that." >he has a point<