Friday, October 11, 2013

Let's get excited for Boo's birthday with a look back to a birthday party from the past: 2012 party int he park

In the middle of the woods down a dark twisty way is the glen where the goblins like to gather and play.  There in the park they throw wicked parties worthy of note... but tricky to get to with a river like moat!. 

Some spooks fly on bikes.  Some swoop by skate. Glide in by scooter or by good old zombie gait.They sneak down the trail coming from near and far. Wish to see them? Ask your parents for the keys to the car cause I’ve heard the next party is coming soon. A ghostly rumor a bash is brewing for the day before the new moon. A wild b-day revelry for a fierce little girl nicknamed Boo. Oh you don’t say, you think you may know this little girl too?

She’s about the size of a witch’s black hat with twitchy fast muscles like the tail of a cat? She can leap over coffins and do pull ups on a flying broom?
Yes, that’s her! Did you know she once vaulted over her bed and clear out of her room!?!

So you know Beach, a tricky kid, she has several aliases but her favorite is Boo. She was scheduled to turn 9 but 7,8,9 now what will she do?

Well, however old and what name you choose you must join us,
Bring your whole family or come alone either way you can’t loose!

Here is the list of what you will need to bring: A spooky tale, joke, story, or song to sing. A pillow for pillow fighting, didn’t you know it is a traditional goblin game. You will see, you will be really glad you came.


And one more thing you might want wheels the trail is loopy with a few tiny hills. Whatever way you choose to roll to the jamboree be sure to tell the haunts you were invited by me!

Oh wait!! Important (perhaps frightening to know):
Don’t forget to dress for Fall’s tricky weather this party is happening rain, shine, or snow!

Where is this dark twisty place located:
The Bend in the River Park and Urban Tree House

Wait, why are we taking bikes/skates/scooters and pillows to the park:
Beach’s 9th Birthday!!!! That’s how she rolls…

You mentioned something about my whole family can come? You mean my kid sister/brother/dog/cat can come too: Yes, as long as he/she/it doesn’t bite.

Will we starve to death:  
No, we will eat donuts and drink hot chocolate!!!!

Thanks to all our friends, who we think of as family, thanks for taking time out of your busy lives to help us celebrate! And for those who couldn't make it travel home safe (hope you left some food in Vegas for us!) and we missed you!

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