Wednesday, October 23, 2013

I wonder what we did today

 Poetry, silent reading, and word games for Word Wednesday.

Then she decided she wanted to read 100 days in a row and needed to create a spot to do it.  Which meant moving her big stick.

Cat Nap and Star Stable (on-line horse game with reading and typing)

Off to the library for books but please not all 100 today.

We had the children's section and the librarian all to ourselves.  
So mom asked a question so has wondered about for a few years, "Why doesn't this branch have a book return box outside for after hours?"

Answer from the little white haired lady behind the big desk who forced me to check out Ella Enchanted for Boo despite my serious doubts it would a book she would enjoy reading, "Because people kept putting dead animals in it.  Mostly cats." ~honestly I might have guessed that! 

Okay, then... off to gym! 


  1. Ella Enchanted is a FANTASTIC book! My kiddo has listened to it multiple times. Poor Ella is "gifted" with obedience and must do everything anyone tells her to do, even if she doesn't want to. Give it a chance, it really is a good book.

    How much on-line interaction is required with the Star Stables game? I am always looking for new games for my horse crazy kiddo, but the ones where she interacts with strangers makes me a little nervous.

    1. I might give it a try after all I did check it out!

      As for Star Stable mostly she cares for her horse and runs races. It has strong controls on the messaging between Star Riders, no names, no "lets meet" phrases, days of the week, etc, However my very technology challenged kid has already discovered loop holes to the rules such as her given name is Beach and it doesn't register as a name so she has used it with friends. Or misspelling meet to say meat works! She learned these trick from other kids and by trial and error. I usually let her play while I am working out in the same room and I can see what is going on.

  2. former librarian here and NEVER had a dead cat in the book drop!

    1. We live in an interesting neighborhood but still I would have guessed dead chickens over cats.