Tuesday, October 22, 2013

fun with fractions lab

We haven’t done fractions in a long time.  I figured we needed a little prep play before we got down to it.  Time for a hands on fractions lab! First I pulled out all our factions materials and manipulative.  

Then I added a few hands on activities like making equivalent fractions using a scale and cups of dry rice, and creating factions of paper using the cutting board which Boo has been playing with (yikes!) a lot lately. Very basic stuff but super important to make sure you have a good foundation.

How about factions of pumpkins?

This might be a fraction side note but I figured we should hit it while we were here.  She's laughing  because I told her this problem was on every intelligence test! 
How many cuts do you need to make to get 5 pieces of paper?
Also notice I made her wear her glasses when using the paper cutter.

All warmed up and ready to tackle factions in the books.

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  1. This is my approach exactly. Hands-on is always a great way to start, whatever the level!