Thursday, October 3, 2013

a visit to school

Boo's older half brother is now living with us full time and attending a local west side charter school (grades 6-12) The Salt Lake Center of Science Education.   What a fantastic school!  We have always had our eye on it as an option if Boo ever decides to attend a State school which is why when her brother wanted to come to school here we crossed our fingers and applied for a much sought after spot! 

Between chatting with teachers Boo asked me to join her in one of the two courtyards where they have a mini wonderland; duck pond, rabbits, chickens, etc. 

While we were out there a student was giving her mom a tour explaining the filter system they use on the pond, why they have rabbits and chickens, and the composting project that was going on.  The student was happy and engaged with the hands on work her school is doing.  It was so nice to see a school where kids love learning and where the learning loves the kids!

Happy friendly ducks.

The rabbits out running around where too fast to get a photo of so I peeked in on these guys but most of the animals were free ranging.

What a wonderful place to be!

And of course the Lego table, you can't have a good science education without Legos!

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  1. Sounds like a neat school. We'll put this on our list as well. Not sure if either of my boys will ever want to go to school, but if so this one looks like it could be right up Damek's alley:)