Monday, June 10, 2013

the first Monday morning in homeschool summerschool

“I want to get all this done but I feel like I have already done a lot of work.”  She said looking anxiously around the piles of books on the table.

And she was right, she had done a lot.  We had mapped out & reviewed all our school work for the week, set aside the days and times to get it done, then started right in.

Using two balloons tied together watch what happens when you 'charge' them (aka rub them on your shirt!).  Then try adding a piece of paper between them to see what happens. 

What I am trying to do is introduce time management while avoiding the battle of me enforcing school time over the wild and crazy summer months.  If she knows what needs to be done she is a driven enough child that age 9 finishing a job well and on time is enough of a reward for her.  But I see right away I’ve introduced deadlines and stress, which is an unfortunate part of life, *shrug*. 

The two negatively charged balloons will repel each other. 

We started with physical science and a lesson on static electricity, electrons, protons, and neutrons (about 45 minutes).  Handwriting, which was not in the plan but she suddenly felt the need to work on it (about 25 minutes). Moved on to Reading (about 30 minutes) followed by a page of Reading Work (about 15 minutes): The page was Dive into Diction, where you had a list of words to look up to decide whether you should a.) cage it b.) eat it c.) wear it d.) plant it.  Have to say she has great dictionary skills and I have no idea why or where she would have learned them.  She had a blast too!  After that she needed a break to count her money, walk to the store to buy a chocolate donut, and teacher her brother all the stuff she learned about static electricity.

They are attracted to the positive charge of the paper and come together.

Left unfinished 3 sheets of 4th grade math and a little US history reading.  Admittedly I have set our math goals a bit high the original plan was to do 12 sheets a week.  I might need to rethink that but for now I want to see how she does balancing the work load between playdates and gymnastics.

Take a 'charged' balloon and hold it close to a small stream of water to watch it bend.


  1. Love the balloon science, what a cool idea! Sounds like you did sooo much work today, you have a very keen child :-)

  2. You do the best science experiments. I think I pin them all. Using a charged balloon to move water will be so fascinating for my son.