Wednesday, June 19, 2013

simple home school morning

 (at least that is how it appears)

We did math facts at the kitchen table until the distractions of an older brother were too much.  We took learning Averages snuggled up in my bed while Boo's Papa banged around putting his things away and talking to Boo's older brother as he did the same.  We moved on to reading and other English skills while Boo's Papa vacuumed the room around us.  And when the house was finally quiet we ended our school day by watching a long chunk of The Civil War, A Film by Ken Burns. 
(War & Peace, lol!)

While listening and glancing up at the images on the screen Boo played with the new set of Dominoes her grandparents gave her.  Needing a solid flat surface she pulled out the board for Name That State and we watched both kinds of dominoes fall across the country. 

 Almost perfect moments :)

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