Saturday, June 15, 2013

a fragile strength

Boo is in our big bed curled up under a down blanket and her Papa as he reads.  The dogs circle the bed sniffing the cool breezes drifting in from the open window.  It is the perfect Saturday morning minus one thing Boo is refusing to speak.  Tears appear in the corner of her eye every so often but there are no words on her lips. 2 hours and not a word.  The cause of silence is a mosquito bite.  A tiny red swelling bite on the lid of her right eye, her seeing eye. The eye (with help of correction) which is responsible for 95% of her vision is 85% swollen shut and her mouth 100%.  I know in her head she is remembering the days of darkness patching her good eye sent her into.  I know she fears the loss of her vision, and she morns never having normal sight.  

Last night I had a dream we were driving up a nearly vertical crumbling highway.  At the top the road ended abruptly and our car fell in free fall.  I knew we were going to die but I didn't know if Boo in the backseat knew and in the dream I turned around and told her the obvious, "We are falling."  She had responded, "I know we are, mom.  I can see the ground."


  1. We will be praying for Boo! Darn mosquitoes. Dreams are often hard to interpret, but a mother's intuition isn't. God bless you all.

    Thank you for sharing.

  2. Poor Boo, sending much love to her. I hope she feels better soon xx