Thursday, June 27, 2013

a day at the lake

 A girl and her kayak
No bars, no beam,.... just water and sand and sun.
 And her mother :)
Playing in the sand
 Playing in the water
Why not a makeshift paddle board?! 
(if you have the balance to stand on a kayak!) 
Then late afternoon friends, more gym buddies looking for a day of decompression. 
To help make natural clay sculptures
And papa rides for some
 Buddy rides for others.  
Then they all could do alone, of course they could!
 Driftwood forts in the sand
  And an opportunity for more jumping!!!
 A smile that won't quit 
 I think Boo needs a paddle board...
Following the setting sun :)
It was the day we needed.

1 comment:

  1. Oh what a lovely day! That lake looks like so much fun, and so relaxing. I absolutely love the picture of the two of you, and the one of Boo jumping at the waters edge :-)