Thursday, May 16, 2013

real math and paper math

 This math at our house.  Boo working on a workbook, in fact finishing the last page of a workbook, on to 4th grade math!!! And I am baking pumpkin bread.  Between problems I have her double the recipe for me, sometimes triple.  We think of it as real math and paper math.  She adds fractions and knows if the bread needs 40 minutes when it will be done (elapsed time).  That is real math.  Paper math is what is in math books.  One advantage to living a life full of real math is when you are doing paper math you can skip story problems.  Those are paper's maths attempt at real math :)  and it never fails how foolish they seem when we read them.    
But there times when paper math goes off into directions I didn't see coming like non-terminating numbers.  The frustrating thing as a 'teacher' and the best part about how Boo learns is she never lets you get away with answering a question with "just because that is how it is done"  if you ever had a math professor who took the time to show you how a formula was derived she/he was doing it for people like Boo who in order to understand have to KNOW why.  

 When it comes to money Boo is amazing.  She counts her money like a little miser hording gold coins.  She adds numbers together quickly at the store.  When she was buying her quail she multiplied 4 times the cost, added the price of the water base and the watering can then multiplied the cost of food per pound by how many pounds she was buying, estimated for tax, and came up with a total of 25.00.  
The actual price $25.16      
~ A bird in the hand is worth 2 in the bush ~

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