Monday, March 4, 2013

small scientist: collecting data

Last week we used social media to poll "What people wore to bed".  It was tons of fun to watch the answers roll in but for a more hands on experience with data collecting, surveys  and graphing we headed to Kitty City at the local human society to count cats.    
Boo picked the data fields she wanted to gather information on: 
shy or friendly, coat color, and sex. 

She also formulated a theory on how many of the cats would be black based on the information that black cats and dogs are the hardest to find homes for.  

Once we were all done we talked about how she would revise the data collecting to get a more accurate picture of the cats and their traits, including what information would have been helpful before making her survey sheet and ways to gather that information before coming on site.

Here are her number:
About 52% of the cats were friendly and 48% shy.

The ratio of male to female was also just about 1:1.

Cats with mixed coat colors far out numbered solid coat colored cats dispelling Boo's theory that black cats would outnumber other colored cats.    

Out of *63 cats 15 were black, 2 orange, 6 'blue', and 1 white the other 39 had multiple colors/markings.
[*due to the high number of cats we did not survey all of the cats at the shelter only those in the main area.]

Boo had a blast and each time she left a cat room clip board in hand she would say to the cats, "Thank you for your cooperation."
Thanks to the great staff and cats for all their help!

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