Tuesday, October 30, 2012

reading now: Junie B., First Grader Boss of Lunch

Yesterday at the library I sought out the Librarian's advice on a Chapter book Boo might like.  It needed a good story, big clear print, and a good fluency builder for an independent reader.  She recommended the Junie B, series of books.  I carefully crawled through the 30 or so on hand (including the middle grade readers by the same author) looking for one she might like and understand since her exposure to school life has been limited to 3 months in kindergarten, things she sees in the media, and Ramona books.

For whatever reason before we even cracked the front cover Boo decided she didn't like this book.  The funniest part is she is absolutely loving it but will not admit!  I offered for us to stop reading and switch to another book but of course she said no, she would keep going for my sake...lol.    


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