Saturday, October 13, 2012

paper pause

Yesterday, in the early afternoon of a rainy October day we sat together and cut a pile of jack-o-lanterns.  I don't know who started it or where we will even keep and hang a dozen or so silly orange faces.
What I do know is where I will hold this last memory of her being 8 years old.
My little Devil
Happy Birthday Boo!
(9 years old I can't believe it!!!!)

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  1. I know! Sophie is so awesome though...I just want to cheer, "Keep going! you got this! Maybe after she's peddled out of sight I will miss her. But mostly I am just in awe of who she is growing up to be. I don't ever want to hold her back. Beach is right in step with her, and I am equally amazed at who she is. I just read a blog written by my elementary school friend. She and I are still going strong, peddling our little hearts out. I hope the same for Beach and Sophie. Glad that little devil was born. Happy birthday Beach.